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Laser Products Industries Invests in Process Improvements to Boost Manufacturing Capacity by 40%

(from this site –   Digital measuring and technology solutions company implements lean manufacturing and Kaizen business philosophies to meet increasing demand. In order to keep up with high customer demand while maintaining stringent quality requirements, Laser Products Industries (LPI) has implemented strategic processes that have increased its manufacturing capacity by 40%. LPI created […]

Case Study: Edward Rangle

(from this site –   Edward Rangle Edward Rangle started digital measuring in 2005 in the kitchen countertop industry. When he realized the capabilities of laser measuring, he opened his own company and measured for fabricators on a wide variety of commercial and residential jobsites. “I love measuring with the laser because it gives […]

Case Study: Cain Millwork

(from this site –   Cain Millwork The internal debate at Cain Millwork, about whether to replace their original laser system with the newer 3D model was decided when a job came in to design and build a stairwell for Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. “It was a pretty complicated job,” says Charles Watson, […]

Case Study: The Countertop Factory

(from this site –   The Countertop Factory Geoffery Gran, The Countertop Factory, Addison, IL In 2011, Geoffrey Gran, owner of The Countertop Factory, decided to go digital with his first Laser Templator from LPI. The results have been so good the company purchased six more. “Since teaming up with LPI, we have seen […]

Case Study: Austin Countertops

(from this site –   Austin Countertops Jimmy Roth, Austin Countertops, Austin, TX Austin Countertops used to figure that 85% of the time, they’d get the job right. That’s a high scrap rate compared to the national average. Now, with the purchase of their third Laser Templator, they see less than 5% of jobs […]

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