Eagle Eye Digital Tool Setting Device

Imagine being able to set-up CNC tooling in a fraction of the time with greater precision and confidence.  The EagleEYE Tool Setter is a high-resolution camera device that easily captures images of your entire tool set to quickly and precisely give you a method of seeing exactly how to line them up for minimum wear and maximum polish – every time!

Now, for the first time, this patent-pending device gives you a fast, highly accurate and fool-proof method of not just setting up your tools initially, but assessing tool wear periodically to preserve tool life and ensure quality polish results.

The Specification

• Blazing Fast Tool Set-up

     (we’ve found what used to take 4+ hours now

      takes only 25 minutes with far more precision!)

• Tool wear analysis

• Works with all CNC brands

• Lengthen tooling life

• Saves money and time

• Dial in exact removal rates

• Portable and compact (W10″ x H11″ x L18″, 23.6 lbs)

• Easy to learn and use

• Eliminates all the guess-work

• Includes 10″ touch control tablet

• Intuitive, step-by-step software

• Precision to less than one thousandth of an inch

The simple to use, step-by-step built-in instruction prompts walk you through the entire procedure.

You don’t have to worry about remembering all the details of use, each page tells you what to do, gives graphical illustrations, and then provides video feed for precision placement.

Touch the tablet and slide the images into place – like fitting puzzle pieces together. Intuitive and clear so that now anyone can be a precision tool setter.

Portable and compact, this tool is going to revolutionize your tool setting and tool analysis procedures.

Works with any CNC routers on the market – old or new.

This device is totally portable – about the size of a mailbox – so when you are done using it – you simply store it in a safe location.

How it works

The EagleEYE is an extremely precise instrument that is able to provide a clear method of tool

setting that is far beyond any device available today.  Not only can it set tools for initial use,

it can also be used to analyze wear on your current tool sets and aid you in making

corrections to those tools.

Here’s a simple outline of how this tool works in a clear 7 step process that you will be prompted through:

1) Measure tool 4 from the set you wish to setup with a calliper and note the diameter

2) Calibrate the focus by following the prompts

3) Select your tool set from the pre-loaded tool set types (or enter your own tool set and the associated removal rates provided by the manufacturer).

4) Take a picture of tool #4 as your standard for the set

5) Create guide images for all tools by using the standard picture of tool #4, shift it according to removal rates and take a new picture…just 4 profiles shown here as an example

6) Line up each tool to its guide image using the easy drag and drop positioner and take a picture to verify its exact position

7) Align each tool perfectly using the numbers calculated by the EagleEYE, enter them into your CNC – your tools are now all set precisely in the correct position



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Full Tutorial


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The perfect way to setup tools. New profiles are setup easily and with confidence and as for older tools, it’s now so easy to replace a tool in the set and match everything again in minutes !

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