What is Photo Templater ?

Photo Templater is an easy to use, highly accurate, fixed measuring system for converting physical templates into digital, CNC ready DXF files.

It is;

  • Simple to use
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective

How does Photo Templater Work

The Photo Templater digitizes templates of any shape and size by using a photo based digitizing solution. Within seconds the size and outline of a template is detected automatically and is ready to be modified manually for final adjustments before being sent to a CNC machine.


Shapes with an indefinable reference are normally difficult to measure and digitize. Conventional CAD programs require manual drawing of an outline. The Photo Templater automates this time-consuming step with its unique outline recognition algorithm. This allows to simplify the software user interface enormously and reduces required CAD or drawing know how down to nothing. The complete digitizing process can be kept off the highly paid CAD personnel.


Coping with a large variety of templates our so-phisticated algorithm allows to detect templates made out of paper, wood, cardboard, metal or even semi-transparent materials. The solution applies to the Stone, Wood, Glass and Metal industry.

A fixed and well calibrated photo setup ensures high accuracy with templates up to 3.5 meters (11 feet).


Digitizing the conventional way with digitizing tables is an expensive investment with well trained CAD personnel and additional hard and software, not to mention the training. At half the price, our solution offers higher performance and less operat-ing costs.


  • The time from field template to dxf file is as low as a few minutes only.
  • Highly accurate digitizing method of +/- 1mm per template object.
  • Very fast to learn.
  • Trouble free and easy to use.
  • Eliminates CAD redrawing.
  • High resolution, distortion free and correctly scaled image of the template.
  • Can also be used as background layer for further processing in CAD/CAM software.

Test Setup

Overhead Camera

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